Repairs - Servicing

We repair most major still and digital cameras, lenses, fittings and accessories. We repair anything from a major fault to a minor service. Written estimates for insurance purposes can be provided for a small charge. You will need to call us or pop in to get an accurate estimate on your camera repair.

Sensor Cleaning

When dust or other airborne particles land on your camera’s sensor, it wreaks havoc on all of your images. That’s why it’s important to have your sensor checked and cleaned on a regular basis.

To get the best performance from your equipment, we recommend that professional photographers have their camera sensors cleaned once a month and amateurs once every three months. Be sure to ask your technical sales representative about this invaluable service today.


Classic Cars & Motorbikes, Industrial Photography, Landscapes, Portraiture, Specialist, Stock Photography (Library includes, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Norwich City Views) Location Photography, Photographic Tuition, Corporate Photography.

Clients Include: Norwich Union, BBC, Norfolk County Council, Ted Ellis Trust, Flexi Media, Phillips Cameras, London Camera Exchange, Sn0wlink IT

Negative/Slide Scanning

Slides and negatives are scanned by a specifically designed, professional scanning equipment to generate top quality digital images. Manual colour correction, scratch and dust removal - at Exposure Cameras, anything is possible and available to restore and revive your images. Films scanned: 35mm films, 120 films, APS films and many other various formats.

LCD Repairs

If it has an LCD, we can repair or replace it for you a lot cheaper than you might think! (subject to availability of parts). Scratches and more can all be repaired economically and save you the time and hassle of replacing or backing up all of your data.

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