The company has enjoyed continued success over 20 years even through difficult economic times due to the commitment and devotion of its technicians and support team.

The Team

Our technical staff has over 30 years in the photographic industry.

We have serviced cameras from all over the world, dating back to the turn of the century. Our customers value not only our technical expertise but also our ability to repair a camera within a week’s time (for most repair scenarios). We recognize the value a camera contains for creating memories and have therefore dedicated ourselves to the most efficient repair service possible. For most cameras we can have the repair estimated and finished before most shops could get back with a cost of repair. After finishing with the repairs we then offer a warranty for a period of three months. In addition to servicing all types of film cameras (110,126, 127 620, 35mm, medium format, large format) that factory repair centers will no longer support.